We Want to See You Smile Kindergarten Exam Promotion

Smile Kindergarten

Burgwald Eye Center has partnered with Mahomet Family Dentistry in the Mahomet-Seymour School District to make kindergarten eye and dental exams a little more fun this year!

Any incoming kindergarten student who visits both Burgwald Eye Center and Mahomet Family Dentistry before August 15 will be entered to win a prize worth $600 in the “We Want to See You Smile” Giveaway! The winner of the random drawing, which will occur on August 17 will win an iPad mini 4, an age-appropriate bicycle, sumo body bumpers, tinker toys and classic board games.

To schedule an appointment today, call the offices below:

Burgwald Eye Center
at 217.586.1726

Mahomet Family Dentistry
at 217.586.7878.